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Cancer survivor Mike Coy – Prevention, check ups, early detection and healing181. Mike Coy–Athlete, Coach, Author, Public Speaker–Battles Cancer, and Wins

Linda’s Corner: Hope – Healing – Happiness

When the doctor told Mike Coy he had cancer and needed to start treatment right away, he said, “I’m too busy, what’s plan B?” The doctor replied, “You die.” Mike said, “Let’s go back to plan A.”

181. Mike Coy–Athlete, Coach, Author, Public Speaker–Battles Cancer, and Wins

Seemingly Ordinary

Before Mike Coy’s father passed, he said, “Make a Difference, Son.”  That credo has led Mike, a lifelong athlete and a former baseball coach with 3 Texas State Championships and 1 National Championship, to now urging men to take care better care of their health.

Ep: 335 – Choosing Life: The Inspirational Story of Cancer Survival and Random Acts of Kindness

The Decision Hour

In this episode of The Decision Hour, host Adam Bird sits down with bestselling author, keynote speaker, and cancer survivor Mike Coy. Mike shares his extraordinary journey from baseball player to registered financial consultant, shedding light on the life-changing decision that led him to the insurance and financial planning field. Mike also reveals the powerful inspiration behind his books, “I Choose Live: There’s No Cheating Cancer, and We All Have a Choice to Make.” and “A Random Act of Kindness.”

141. The Power Of Choice: Choosing Life Over Despair Ft. Mike Coy

A Word To The Wise

Discover the remarkable transformation of Mike Coy. After an unexpected pivot when life threw a curveball in the form of cancer, Mike’s resilience and tenacity shine through every word he shares. His journey, marked by two distinct chapters of before and after his diagnosis, is a raw and intimate tale of choosing life over despair, underscored by his moving book “I Chose Live.” His reflection on this pivotal moment of clarity during chemotherapy, reminiscent of a scene from “Shawshank Redemption,” speaks volumes about the power of choice and the indomitable human spirit.

005: Reframing Challenges: How Shifting Your Mindset Can Impact Health with Michael Coy

Common Sense Living

This episode features an inspiring conversation with best-selling author and cancer survivor Mike Coy. Mike shares his personal journey of overcoming cancer after ignoring symptoms for too long. He discusses the importance of early detection and prevention.

Choosing to Live w/ Mike Coy

Confidence Through Health

When faced with a tough diagnosis, Mike Coy made the only choice he had available – beat the disease and live to make a difference. Educating men on the importance of medical screening for prevention of chronic disease is now a charge Mike has on his life and he’s doing everything he can to share his purpose with others.