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Add a Winning Keynote Speaker to your next Conference Lineup!

Mike Coy is a much sought after keynote speaker with hundreds of professional presentations under his belt. His various topics and inspirational talks are all derived from his personal life experiences from the baseball field to the cancer treatment rooms. Being one of the top Health Care Reform Consultants in the nation, Mike’s energetic and engaging manner makes his presentations educational, motivational, informative, and fun!

Mike is an entertaining story teller and regularly inspires diverse audiences with his keynotes, including Business Professionals, Corporate Events, Cancer Support groups, Church groups, and Entrepreneurial Associations. Regardless of the size of your group, small or large, Mike delivers a customized message that resonates with your audience. He is available to speak at your location anywhere in the US or abroad.

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Presentation Topics Include:

Who Packs Your Parachute?

In this highly motivational and inspirational talk, Mike discusses the importance of recognizing the person/persons in your life that has helped you arrive at your current state in life.

How Straight are Your Shirts?

In this informational presentation, Mike examines what is taking you away from being profitable or successful in business and life. The great Zig Ziglar said; “Timid salespeople have skinny kids!”. Are your kids skinny? Mike will show you how to change your professional life with the use of One Word…One Word!

Your Warning is at Home Plate

During this inspirational and motivational conversation, Mike uncovers why your life has taken its current path and what you can do to change course or accept it with peace. Why do 4% of real estate professionals sell 94% of all the real estate in your town…and leave the 6% leftovers to everyone else? Why “VCP” is the key to your continued business/professional success.

Stop the Selling Insanity

This informational and highly educational presentation is geared towards sales professionals, business owners and those in the service industry, like real estate. This topic covers the importance of building relationships and how gaining referrals is a way to work smarter, not harder. Mike’s 5 Keys to Success has helped thousands regain the balance they seek…in their personal life and in their business life.

Stress is the Silent Killer + Cancer’s Other Little Secrets…

This is Mike’s personal story about his journey with cancer and the cause for his passion to prevent senseless loss of life on curable cancers. Mike believes life is about choices. Only Mike can deliver his message “I Chose…Live” the way he does. This presentation has received standing ovations from Atlanta, GA to New York City. It has been described as a life-changing event from his audience members. This personal, hands-on account of Mike’s Cancer journey is a can’t miss opportunity.

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